The Dalinian codes in Figueres

The Dalinian Codes in Figueres inside the Salvador Dalí Theater Museum.

What are and where are the Dalinian Codes?

Have you ever wondered what idea Salvador Dalí had in making this extraordinary MUSEUM?

At what point in history was it made and for what cultural, historical, and philosophical purposes was it created?

I invite you to make the visit that will introduce you to Dalinian thought: The Dalinian CODES el THEATER MUSEUM DALÍ OF FIGUERES.

"It is clear that there are other worlds, it is certain, but, as I have said many times, those other worlds are within us, they reside on earth and precisely in the center of the dome of the Dalí Museum, where the entire new unsuspected world is and mind-blowing Surrealism. " Salvador Dalí.

Salvador Dalí is the vertex that unites thought, history, and culture, so let's delve into the Dalí world in the great Dalí Theater Museum.

Duration:  2h

Price*:  €150  per complete guided tour for 7 people maximum group

*This price includes the reservation of the tickets.

Don't forget to wear good shoes and want to imagine!!!



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>>Francesc Pujols Monument: In 1974 Dalí wrote the book “Pujols per Dalí”.

>>Dali’s Tomb: Dalí died the 23rd February 1989 and during his last years leave us a legacy in his grave that is worthy of being known, where de ESculapi d’Empúries God will be the second protagonist.

>>Fishmonger Room’s: We will find beautiful pieces of his youth as “ Retrat del meu pare”. “ Nimfes i senoritas a la font d’un jardí” and “ Figures d’esquenes”  with his sister Anna Maria making a model for him.

>>The Theater Dali’s Museum Theater:  A Salvador Dali’s theatrical dream towards the world, where we will discover the hidden details in his artworks.

>> Orchestra ‘s theater:  Dalí created this special and amazing Surrealism space during ten years. He painted artworks and realized sculptures and monumental installations in order that they are permanent on this place.

>>Treasurer's Room: As a jeweler, Salvador Dalí hides his treasures.

>> Mae West Room: The famous actress provides its image to him to create a surrealist apartment.

>>Windy’s Palace: The first place where  Dalí’s exhibited  his works when he only was 14.

>>Antoni’s Pichot friend: A Cap de Creus benchmark painter, Dali’s unconditional assistant in the last years.


MONDAY 15 h - 9h
WEDNESDAY 15 h - 9h
FRIDAY 15 h - 9h




MEETING POINT   Theater Museum Salvador Dalí – Figueres.
ENDING POINT   Teatre Museu Salvador Dalí – Figueres.
DISTANCE  Itinerary inside the Museum looking forward the Daliniens codes.
EDAT RECOMANADA   A partir de 9 anys.