Get surreal

Route to discover three dream landscapes: Cadaqués, Portlligat and Cap de Creus. From the hand of a local guide, specialized in Salvador Dalí, his life, work and his most beloved and painted corners.

GET SURREAL:  a unique experience

GET SURREAL is a unique and truly complete experience that we propose to you to enjoy the most beautiful and special that you can find in this place: it's a natural beauty from the sea and the tasting of its gastronomy.  Salvador Dalí lived intensely in this place, his house, his light, and his life. 
We start in Cadaqués center, in front of Dalís Statue and we walk to Portlligat, where he found in 1929 the place of his life and he built his home in the brightest workshop ever found. We will visit and discover his beloved inside places, little terraces, labyrinthic rooms, and magnificent views.
At the exit, we will get into GALA's boat to go to Cape Creus Natural Park, where senses touch the magic of the landscape.
We will taste on the way back local gastronomy with marine air flavor.
GET SURREAL:  Following the "strokes" of Salvador Dalí.

Duration: 4 h. (approximately)

Price: 250€ ( per  2 people)
* The price INCLUDES the House Museum reservation, not the tickets, the boat, the guide, and the gastronomy tasting.

 Don't forget! Water, well shoes, hat, and sunscreen!





Salvador Dalí


Cadaqués Capdequers


Local guide





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>> Statue Liberty (Welcome, village entrance)
>> Watchtowers (Tourist office)
>> Platja Es Portal (harbour beach, main entrance in the castle walls)
>>Si no fos Bench (old bridge linking the new with the old Cadaqués)
>>Noaus Gateway (Gateway to the Castle)
>>Es Call (Jewish quarter)
>>Mermaid: a stone mosaic by fishermen (History and legend)
>>The Synagogue ( up to  the fifteenth century)
>>Santa Maria Church (Burned and looted by pirates)
>> Sa Plaça (Only place within the walled village)
>>Es Baluard (Watchtower, where the cannons are located)
>>Serinyana House or Blue House (History of the “Indians” in Cadaqués)


TUESDAY 9.30 h