Cadaqués Pirates


A treasure hunt meant for the whole family.

A game to share knowledge on the tracks of the pirates who passed through this town. Decode the treasure's plan which will lead you to the pirate place, where a mysterious pirate message will teach you the way to the treasure.

Many people remember the pirate “Barbarossa” as a fantasy character, but for the  Cadaqués villagers, the famous pirate and his brother are still in their painful memory. 

Their attacks terrorized people for many years on the Mediterranean coast. Hayr-ed-din known as “Barbarossa” got into Cadaqués in 1543 and during 15 days he devastated the village. Before leaving, he burned the Santa Maria Church and its archives.

Cadaqués Pirates Treasure hunt tour allows you to discover through a game the world of Pirates, Sailors, Merchants, Corsairs and what they meant in this town.

Timing: 4 h.

Price of the treasure hunt experience*: 350 €  (a whole family of 10 people)

Price includes:  map, tracks, guide, a treasure to share with the whole group and boat back to Cadaqués

Don't forget to! well shoes, hat, sun filter, water, something to eat, towel, swimsuit and ready to imagine and play.