Cadaqués Pirates



Cadaqués was the last place where pirates lived and one of the most attacked places on the coast of the Iberian Peninsula by corsairs. So the stories that have come down to us are totally surprising. And one of them is where these pirates hid their treasures. Well, if you want to discover it you will have to make this adventure with Rutes Cadaqués.

Their attacks terrorized people for many years on the Mediterranean coast. Hayr-ed-din known as “Barbarossa” got into Cadaqués in 1543 and for 15 days he devastated the village. Before leaving, he burned the Santa Maria Church and its archives.

Cadaqués Pirates Treasure Hunt tour allows you to discover through a game the world of Pirates, Sailors, Merchants, and Corsairs, and what they meant in this town.

Timing: 4 h.

Price of the treasure hunt experience*: 40 € per person/ adult or kid*

Price includes:  map, tracks, guide, a treasure to share with the whole group, and a boat back to Cadaqués

Don't forget to wear good shoes to walk, a hat, a sun filter, water, something to eat, a towel, and a swimsuit, and be ready to imagine and play.


*This activity will only be carried out with a minimum of 10 participants.