Dalí's Moustache

A day to discover Salvador Dalí in Cadaqués and Portlligat, his most beloved places.

WHAT  MEANT the moustache for Salvador Dalí?

Let your own children PLAY (Dalí's words)

DALI'S MOUSTACHE tour begins in   the heart of Cadaqués , in front of  Salvador's Dalí statue in Platja Gran (Cadaqués center). From there, we’ll walk along the old road to Portlligat to visit Salvador Dali's House-Museum and we also introduce you to many  other important artists who passed through this little fisherman village looking for inspiration.

We will be introduced to Dali’s world, his way of thinking, his personality, his famous paintings and the link between  his life , his work  and  his beloved place called CADAQUÉs and of Course PORTLLIGAT.

Once in Portlligat beach , we will discover the world  of images, games and amazing sculptures  that Dalí created using everyday’s objects and materials. Giving you the possibility to imitate Dalí and paint your own picture, then visit the inside of his house museum and ending with a delicious surprise. 


Duration: 3 h.(approximately)

Price of the tour* : 150 € .(for a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of  10 people)

* includes House Museum Dalí in Portlligat reservation, guide, all material to paint a picture and a delicious surprise. 

Don't forget! confortable shoes, hat, water and energy to imagine.

Salvador Dalí

Cadaqués Capdequers


Local guide

Games and surprises 


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Crossing points

 >>Statue of Salvador Dalí (Platja Gran)
Meliton Bar (where Duchamp used to spend his holidays playing chess with friends and local fishermen)
>> Serinyana house or Blue house
>> Casa de Pablo Picasso in 1910 (Riba es Poal)
>>The street of the first art gallery (where artworks of artists such as Richard Hamilton, Marchel Duchamp and Lanfranco Bombelli have exposed.)

>> House-Museum of Salvador Dalí
>> Platja de Portlligat (Realization of a creative game)


TUESDAY 09.30 h
THURSDAY 09.30 h
SATURDAY 09.30 h



MEETING POINT   Salvador Dalí · Platja Gran, 17488 – Cadaqués.
ENDING   Platja de Portlligat (Casa-Museu Salvador Dalí).
DISTANCE   4 km Playing with Surreal history.
RECOMMENDED AGE  From 6 years old.