Cap de Quers Light

Walking tour from Cadaqués till the eastern point in CAPE CREUS

The path of the lighthouse keeper invites you to walk into a magnificent part of Cape Creus Natural Park being able to witness the sunrise from the tip of Cabo de Creus.

The itinerary on foot from Cadaqués along the path that leads the sea to the easternmost end of the Natural Park of Cabo de Creus, where you can discover what this magnificent land hides. Place where the mountains of the Pyrenees end or begin, plunging into the Mediterranean Sea. A landscape of extraordinary beauty for its light, inhospitable rocks, pure geology, full of stories of the ancient navigators of its coasts.

What to discover? Through the tour, we will immerse ourselves in the geological history of the earth and we will understand the creation of the Pyrenees. We will contemplate the vast and extensive sea that surrounds the Cabo de Creus (1st Maritime-terrestrial Natural Park declared in Catalonia in 1998 and space especially protected by its great faunistic, botanical and geological values)

Difficulty: Medium

Distance: 8 Km

duration:  2h 30 '

Recommended ages: Adults and children from 10 years old.

Price: € 180 (groups 8-20people)

To Take Equipment with appropriate clothing (raincoat), good footwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, water and something to eat.

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