Indian Tour in Cadaqués


The 3rd and 4th of june 2017 Cadaqués celebrate the XIII Indian Fair and Cadaqués tours offer you two walks around the village with a beautiful surprise at the end. Come to enjoy the history of this small fisherman village.

The XIII Indian Fair in Cadaqués rather calle the "Americanos" were the emigrants that left to America on the late nineteenth century .

Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Cuba, these are some of the countries that welcomed people from  Cadaqués.

Families like "Baró" , "Llorens" or "Pomés", are some of the families names who sail  to America and come back some years later, some of them with money and others telling they had lost their luggage in Gibraltar Strait.

Mr. Frederic Trèmols and  Borrell, born in Cadaqués 1831, Professor of Pharmacy and Botanical recognized  for collecting more than 25,000 plants that many of them will carry his name, as the endemic plant in  Natural Park of  Cabo de Creus: Ensopeguera Tremolis.

General Joan Escofet and Palau, born in Cadaqués in 1920, military engineer and mathematician, amazing character and almost unknown. At his death he left a legacy  teacher for children in  Cadaqués education and marriage dowry for daughters of poor parents.

Federic Rahola Trèmols, born in Cadaqués in 1958, writer, lawyer and politician of the league that made get to Cadaqués the road in 1910.